Wednesday, November 7, 2007

3 weeks review(3)

ok I think that's all I'm gonna post bout my 3 weeks thingy...

3. Alicia/Siang's Birthday 2nd Nov

It's just 3 more days before our whole new 2nd semester starts T_T but we don't really care anyway..It's already the THIRD day of 2nd sem, and look at what I'm doing now xD

We had a small dinner in Mc.Donald in MP, with about say...15-18 people?? But some people (like me) tend to go KFC, tapao then join back at the table.

And before you know it, I was still eating my coleslaw until one of them brought up the cake, sambil I cepat-cepat makan habis~~


Trouble reading?? Try reading flipping other side.


Oh by the way, these are the fella's rightful owner of the cake.

Soon Siang:"yay yay, my big day" xD

Alicia Lai:"old liao lor.." T_T

I can't take any photo cause my hand was all chicken-fat, so I had Wei Ling for help =D

keke... are some photos taken.

ei...dah berape tahun umur ni

getting serious

making a wish

cutting the cake

weii~ look here

eh..actually the cake haven cut a?

Haha, I think I had 2 big piece of Tiramisu + Chocolate Fudge like, cause I wasn't sure how is it like again. But I think the cake's not inside this list..

Eating burgers/chickens and cake just isn't enough, so we kinda "kelam-kabut" and decided to have a pitstop at Xuan


Xuan is something like a "highclass" cafe with all the pricey pricey numbers, despite it has a better singer lah. Many top artist do come to this place (including us people) to just sit down, relax and have a nice chat while singers do their things.

Xuan bar

is that Jay Chou???

Once in awhile in this place is ok, cause for the same order in Mori I'm paying double the price plus tax T_T

Later they played this game called "King" which means you're the king!! and you can command any number (this game requires a deck of cards) to do any dare everyone had agreed on. I was pulled in and managed to score King twice in a row (keke) but thing's changed when I kena stand with one pillow on my head for about 30 seconds and had to kiss birthday boy ~_~ luckily no photo/video was taken on the spot =P

random photos around

oops =P

We headed back and stay around for awhile...and then Siang suddenly interested in the guitar....

ei~ quite yeng wor

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