Saturday, November 10, 2007

lovey-dovey sickness

I'm feeling sick.....

Really really sick.

Lately I've been kinda sick since last 2 weeks, and it's been going on since.

I believe I'm in a love-sick situation now...but that doesn't mean I have to be SICK FOR REAL.

If someone gets sick, normally it'll last just for a couple of days or so. I on the other hand...getting multiple combos of sickness one after the another. It's like, after this sick's gone, another sickness feeling comes up.

I still remember last week I had a minor warm fever, but just for a few days. Then after that, a few days later I had a stomachache, probably had been eating wrong lately. Got a small flu on the 1st day of 2nd semester, having another stomachache again the day after Deepavali, then today...constantly burping egg-gases ever since this morning.

siput sawa

I recalled back probably because I was eating things which was kinda exotic, which was eating snails for the 1st time, and had a strange taste...but I'll put more about it next post.

if you can't eat snails, you can't go Fear Factor =x

The last time I had this same situation (almost) is when I was still in secondary school. Maybe it's karma. Maybe I'm just falling sick for my other side to balance the chi around.



It's just a belief, but it could be many other reasons too. LoL okok I'm talking senseless. But now I'm stil burping those weird egg-gases again...My mom told me it's a sign that I'm gonna puke in a matter of time.

Walao!! TakNak ler...Am I missing falling sick that BADLY??? Sigh...hoping in time to come things will get better around, and this egg-gas-syndrome will end soon T_T

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Andrew said...

Don't puke on my knees sudah.... XD