Saturday, November 17, 2007

back alley dinner

During the first week of semester 2 a number of mmu kaki went outing and just spend money like crazy


Haha, well...then later at night Devin introduced us a place to eat siham, lala and siput sawa.


good way to attract customers

It's quite a compact place..There's 2 longkang on each side, and the highest chair you can sit is a stool. In fact this place has been settled for quite a long time, yet I DON'T EVEN FREAKIN' KNOW 'BOUT THIS PLACE! !

omg this place's on tv

It's quite embarrassing as a Malaccan that I never even heard of this place before...Even it's on 8 TV show HO CHAK and Astro AEC Channel, but not in my eyes nor ears T_T

from left: siham, lala, siput sawa xD

place where they bakar smelly tofu and umm...tauke

I forgot what this called, but it's so damn nice!!

this too

Our first target is none other than siham!!

Here I have Yong Liang on teaching the steps on how to open the !@#$#^ hard shell.

1. Get a siham

2. Use whatever method possible to open the shell, asal ada buka dah boleh dah.

3. If it's already open, skip 2.

4. Get it off using a fork, dip it into the sauce and enjoy the savior~

sauce at the back

Thanks man!!

normal version

miang version

It's quite messy cause everytime you open one sure kena some of the blood inside. One of my friend SJ thought it's a juice or something, you can guess what he did ~_~ WARNING next pic is bloody.

hey it's really blood ok??

To wash it off, there's nothing better than a big bucket of lemon water at your service. lemony

Same goes for lala also. I don't usually eat seafood since I'm kinda anti-prawn/squids for no reason, but eating all these once in awhile is ok. At least it taste better than long bamboo-lala.

more like slug than lala

Then came the third choice......

siput sawa

Snails!!! It's like a slug with shells to make things complicated, but smaller. I wasn't convinced the first time when I dug it out.


It taste...weird....sluggish.....weird still. But it's fun lar eating exotic stuffs once in awhile. My stomach felt a lil weird after that, and I still thought of exploring all sorts of places trying all sorts of crazy stuffs xD

We called quite alot actually, but after splitting up each only paid RM3 for a wonderful meal =D

Big hands for WNX for eating snails caught on video =D
My bad for the poor video taken...was videoing one handed, cause another hand was all...bloody and sluggy

"WNX!!" That's what he added after that xD

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