Sunday, February 3, 2008


short note 1:

Sorry for the lack of updates!!


short note 2:

My car got shitted again. WTF!!!


short note 3:

I got blinded in soap for about 10 minutes because my dad suddenly ran the tapping water outside just to change the fish water tank...sometimes I think the fish worths better than me ='(


short note 4:

This new semester is gonna quite hectic for me, so chances there might not be any constant updates or something. (my 1st tutorial work haven't even started)


short note 5:

I love short notes =)


My class probably has all kinds of lecturers right now. Here's a simple comic I got from JustSewjin with(out) his permission. =X

But recently I've just met a new type of lecturer...


Let's just call him Wabdul Apom Balik to respect his privacy la hor?

Wabdul Apom Balik : "Everrrry vector....has its own eeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxx (X) component, *pause* and wwaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii (Y) component, respect to its RESULTANT vector!!!!" *looking high*

Wabdul Apom Balik : "If you bring a pooooooooooooooooooooositive charge object, *pause* close to a neuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutral charge object (say example a static comb and pieces of papers), *pause* ...."(and the rest I forgot)

OH MY GRANDFATHER GOD~ Even my grandad really speaks faster than this chubby tostoise. He's an okok lecturer, no would be much more interesting if he speeds up by x2. How I wish I have a universal remote control like the one Adam Sandler's holding.

Oh ya! The blogger who drew the comic above, actually has alot of interesting posts in his blog. Certainly cheer up my day often, so if there's time, view his blog



Sewjin said...

wow, thanks for the plug!

i like it how u refer to the birds as mofos. haha.

-EdwiN- said...

wow myself!! haha thx =)

tis week is a shitty week...

lordofvirtue said...

macam kenal je this lecturer rofl...I just can't help not to imitate his way of speech. ;d

-EdwiN- said...

haha, shh..dun tell any1.

u guys always imitates everythin he said

Wabdul : Something need doing? (orc peon tone)

LoV and gang : Be happy to. Okey-dokey. *laughs like sissy afterwards* =D