Wednesday, February 6, 2008


short note:

If I did not gain at least 2kg by the end of this week, something's wrong with me. Seriously.


We're ready.

bunch of box drinks

We're ready.

We'll never get short of beers anymore

We're ready.

100 plus, coke, shandy, pepsi, and another carton of Carlsberg

We're ready.

i'm nt sure what are these called, tausapiah??

We're ready.


We're ready.

mandarin oranges for everyone

We're ready.

bah gua for the ah gua's (u guys get no share! all mine...MINE!!)

We're ready.

snacks for the guests. green pea cookies anyone?

We're totally ready!!! TO EAT & DRINK!!!

all standby in the old refrigerator

It's a hell-lotta-work preparing all these stuffs. Shopping for clothes with mom is ok, but for these... o.O but it's all gonna worth it for the coming 2 days. We're gonna finish all! MUAHAHAHA

Still, the credit all goes to my mom, she's practically the host of CNY event most of the time, preparing ingredients for dinner, making calls and appointments, setting dates and venue, clean up the whole house without any help (sad to say 99.9% I didn't help at all), and still doing her daily mom routines!!! Routines that include taking care of the family, making breakfast/lunch/dinner, sending and fetching children to school, household chores, etc AND STILL GOT TIME FOR CNY PREPARATIONS LAGI.

Wish there's anything I can help more...anything will do to ease up my mom's burden ='(

Although...There's a high possibility my mom's gonna make a mass chicken rice production with these amount of homemade chilies.

nice ya??

I mean...just look closer at it.

Making me feeling hungry all over again at this time...It's nice to rest after a long day's work, chilling outside with your loved ones.

it's raining outside

By the end of the day....

we spoke too soon

I swear, I didn't drink any!! Not even coke! Ok short wanna wish everyone a happy chinese new (rat) year! gong xi gong xi! May everyone erm....strike toto, 4d, 3d, 5d, any d pun boleh lah. Then when gambling, may lady luck by your side, eh of course if you play with me then no la. =D Once again....another bad year for the snake zodiac.

Btw...anyone wanna buy my mom's chilies? Anyone??

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Adrian Leo said...

YOu all like prepared for famine....
the amount of drinks and food...