Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WTF day (3)

short note 1:

OH MY GAWD I dunno I got camp this friday!!

short note 2:



Why in the world would I need 3 post to blog a single topic =_=""

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After the movie my friends and I go yamcha for awhile. I was deciding whether I should head back to the party since its kinda bad leaving so soon, or just let it be since Aaron (the guy that I went with) said he can find a transport no prob. To my fear he might drink overload there then end up start puking.

these are mine for cny, but there got at least 3-4 cartons READY for the worst drinkers ever

can't help imagine crazy stuffs might happen

Ok I made up bout the feary thing, but he (drank 2 cans of beer and probably abit tipsy tipsy kind, so probably without notice he) called and asked me to come over and eat cake. Asked me to join their "happy moments" too. the time I reached there everyone starting to leave. (its 1am, sad)

I stayed back anyway. Now my friend don't have to worry bout transport back, but he's sorta losing 20% of his mind, what more the remaining people left (me, Aaron, b'day boy and gf, another guy) all go play chodi, player with most cards drink halfcup beer whole. >.< I can't drink NOT BECAUSE I'M A PUSSY THAT CAN'T STAND BEER but because I'm DRIVING and I can't go back home smelling like alcohol or smoke. MY DAD WILL KILL ME AND I'M BANNED FROM GOING OUT EVER AGAIN!! You guys understand right? ='( So in the end, whenever I lose, my friend drink instead =D

Wahaha, I can purposely lose and make him drunk and let him spill out all the dirty little secrets. Well...I did lose some, just some right? Aaron you understand everyone will lose at times hor horr??? He betul betul drunk @@ 6 cans estimation, and he's falling on the floor, can't concentrate properly, talking lots of crap, walking "sober", leaking all sorts of methods to p*rn links (omg)

That's ok, what I worry more was whether he can tahan inside my car anot. It's gonna be bumpy from MALIM all the way to BKT BERUANG. So there I go....DRIVING NO MORE THAN 60 on normal highway road, 30-40 on road, and EXTRA SLOW on bumps and turns.(slower than people walking, even lose to tortoise)

It's 3am+, and he finally reach home. He didn't puke!!! god bless!! Ugh I mean..luckily he's in good shape =) but seriously, this is the 2nd time I see people got drunk and need another feet for support. I haven't really got drunk before, just curious, so.....

Anyway halfway driving back terserempak with 2 of my classmates with their car broke down at bkt beruang. I won't say who but I'll just combine their name as VINCENT GOAY. Of all times they broke down in the middle of 4am in the morning, looking for help. I didn't help much since they got an aunty for help earlier but in the end the engine still won't start, so I helped pushing for some distance til it's going downhill, and crashed all the way till the nearest Petronas.

Nyeh...This is pretty much how my day went. By right shouldn't took 5 days to post finish this lil thing =.=""

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