Monday, February 11, 2008

share the lulz

short note:

Seremban Siew Pau can never taste so good!!! Thanks Hui Juan =)


Here's something I got from my forwarded emails.

Step 1 :

EYES follow the rotating dot. Notice that every dot is in pink and nothing more. DO AS I SAID!!!! Afterward scroll down further.

look at the moving dot

Step 2 :

Start staring at the + in the middle for a short period of time, notice the moving dot has turn to green.

just keep looking in the middle

Step 3 :

Now this time concentrate on the + more seriously as if you're peeking at someone. After awhile, the pink dots are starting to disappear, left nothing but the green dot.


Actually there is no green dot at all, and the pink dots stil remain in tact. Magic eh? Well..if you ask why this lame magic trick, BLAME YOUR EYES. They're the ones that fell for it, don't believe you try again see. Nah =P

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