Sunday, February 17, 2008

WTF day (1)

short note:

Kek sei ngo!!! All my members in my drama group wants me to die (beautifully)!! It's either getting killed by a gun shot, got rammed in an accident, and my wild guess: getting bombed like the Middle East, got sucked into a book and burnt for good, and chainsaw slicing out from the wall slicing me into layers. Of course that'll never work since it's too high tech =X anyone owning chainsaw?


Look at the time I'm posting right now. Yeap, its 5am in the morning. What am I doing this early in the morning you asked? I just came back home actually...ugh really damn tiring wei, anyhow must blog them out before I forget them again. Here's how my day goes.

I got up in the morning getting prepared to go to Sue Lynn's house. Pretty much the usual "bai nian stuffs, greet parents, met some old friends and some unexpected friends, play some cards (no bet ah), etc etc. Not long later me and a few people went to JOANNE's house since one of us bersungguh-sungguh wanna visit her house. (you know who you are) SHE hor....can say take photo of the entire HOUSE!! She's either admiring the design of the house, furnitures and probably the homey environment atmosphere or observing the parameter so that she can invade the house in 1 go, or maybe she's just jealous =P but seriously I DO ADORE YOUR HOUSE, makes me wanting a new house even more ='( (rmb a...14th march)


ah crap...the main part not out yet I'm starting to feel more sleepy. Anyway...after bai nian I go celebrated friend's birthday with Aaron.

*yawns even more*

Everything was......practicalllllllyy...normal..*yawns* until I remembered......

*yawns again*

Continue part 2 after today's er...event.


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