Saturday, March 1, 2008

a recall to the past (2)

short note:

2 words describe everything...



Please read 1st entry before this.

To my horror...There's nobody around!!!! I'm pretty sure I heard my mom's voices from above. I mean...everyone's downstairs (my dad and 2 siblings) except my mom, IMPOSSIBLE she's inside the kitchen right?

So I did some CSI investigation around the perimeter.

let the search begin!

One thing that's poundering my mind though (now la I mean), WHY IN THE WORLD MY MOM KEPT ON CALLING MY NAME LIKE ASKING ME TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK?????

As far as I can remember I traced her voice here.

top part

WTH!!?? Why was my mom on top of the ceiling??

she could be hiding above the ceiling

or she could be hiding by the windows

I was a kid you know, things could happen, I can't even reach for the lights @@

As innocent as I was I still have some "common sense", obviously I doubt she's on top, so I started looking other places. So I...

tried looking under my bed

but no luck, suak....continue searching.

top cabinet, omfg so high how to open and check?

underneath, nope not here

I even resorted to checking out the toilet!!

umm...don't think my mom can fit in

mummy~~~ you inside anot??? T_T

It wasn't fun anymore...I started weeping by the ladder corner thinking that my mom had disappeared into thin air, afraid that I can no longer see her. I miss my mom so much, I desperately-obsessively praying/wishing/hoping/wanting her by my side at that moment.

my mom's too good in H&S, or maybe i just suck at it

She stopped calling my name, I thought she's gone for real (still by the corner, still weeping, silently) dad's too busy with his stuffs, siblings they're probably either asleep or playing around.

Then I heard footsteps, could it be.....YES!! IT'S MY MOM WALKING DOWN THE STAIRS.

*photo* random silly photo of my mom =D

It's as though heaven struck on me.

i've seen the light

The moment I saw her, I quickly ran and hugged her like I never hugged before. With my maximum (5 year old) force I hugged so tight I wouldn't want her to disappear ever again.

nothing's better than a nice warm motherly love hug, nothing =)

Til now it's still a mystery where my mom went or hide when I was young, but I don't really care now, as long as she's by my side I'm happy =)

The last part I recalled was she comforted me and everything went back to normal. Oh how I miss the times when I was young and naive, lots of loving and caring attentions *tears*

Memories....We can have an unlimited amount of friends, but we can only have TWO PARENTS.

So what you guys waiting for?? Have you hugged your mom recently??

Thanks mom. You're the best ever *hugs*

Guys can be sentimental too you know. =)


catherineloo said...

hard to find sentimental guys nowdays..haha.. so sweet of you..

-EdwiN- said...

thx =)

juz voicing out my personal experience, n mb sum opinion