Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my house = zoo?

short note:


Comin' back Melaka for the week, this time to study gao gao...


My house back at hometown is becoming more and more like a barnyard. Related to this and this, MY GOD WHAT'S HAPPENING!

I mean seriously..raising 3 of us is hard enough!

this was taken 10 years ago! year 1998, memories la

What more previously raised 3 dogs, and now adding a pair of hamsters and 2 tank of fishes!!

What does this pic remind you of?

that rats can cook?

So my siblings told me the rat's still around when I was back for the weekend. Being the "disbelief" person I am, they hid (or keep) it at the back of my house.

Urgh!! Prepare for the worst!!!!

rat in the old fish tank!





You don't count it's tail's about at least one 15cm ruler long! Adding the tail it's one 30cm ruler long! wth!!!

just look at it!!

"it" shouldn't deserve such a wide spacey area than this

Still I think my dad should have just suffocate "it" with the fish food along, or throw it off river. If me I'll drive all the way to the top of bridge and throw/fling/toss/shoot/bomb to Selat Melaka.

not far away from the old fish tank there're kittens inside the shade..more cats!

Seriously houses should originally meant for us people only. =.= Home is another meaning. In time to come I'm sure there'll be lots and lots more to come such as...


expecting all these if there's any

more fishes!!

the skinny type, but kinda nice eh?

or the starwars battleship kind flying around lol



cicak (lizard)



-----3riC---- said...

just one word...

-EdwiN- said...

yes, tis time disgusting post lol

Zues said...

yoh!!!! What is all that? Even the rat also can make as pet? Wah!!! you most geng d! Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god!!!!!!!!!

Ivan Lee said...

not bad what. compare to our house, i mean our second house, this one is more realistic hehe

-EdwiN- said...

alar is my dad ok!! funny tihng is everyday my dad will giv water to it, since inside ad got fish food =/

u try stayin 1 nite knowin tat u got a rat at the back of ur hse =.=

Johnny Ong said...

trying to give malacca zoo a fight? hehe

-EdwiN- said...

haha, melaka zoo oni has tigers, no lions...i wanna c lions!!

-ALiCiA- said...

u macam din change much (from small to big)...face still almost the same...wah ur house reli like mini zoo la...can keep ticket liao...earn sum money...hahah