Tuesday, September 16, 2008

limited time

As much as I like to keep my adds running (especially bout Tiger FC, hehe) due to limited time I can't really blog as often for this few weeks (finals starting 6th oct), 3 more weeks to study as much as I can...have to start pia!! (I know some of you luffing there don't play play har..vry serious one! Give you warning letter baru tau!!)

Anyway...I did take some amount of pictures, so let the pictures do the talking...

Before going back cyber...

passin by GBS!! haha

at Seck Kia Eenh temple

praying for protection and good luck!

nice eh?

the moment b4 every1 started praying(me also la)

they even got their own website!

the clouds in the sky is nice..

halfway going back...

until sun down!!

had some minor conflict at home but don't really keep it at heart =/

The day before passing ECP1016 Assignment

Do until pek chek...until sun rise also haven finish, lots more to go, so many work, so few time...deadline at 5pm, anyway...we went SK there to have our early breakfast with the rest of the early birds. Mostly were all uncles aunties and workers. We're the only teenagers around, so others must have thought "Wah! 佩服(tabib, salute) these young students!!" Actually...we didn't sleep at all. ><

More from Zues

having a nice cup of tea in the middle of morning!

having a (not so) nice 包(bao) in the middle of morning!

having a wonderful breakfast in the middle of morning!!

more from Zues

my comrades fell asleep...urgh feel so tempted!!

back passenger as well.. ><

tengah tahan....

balik i stil haven sleep, tryin to debug the programs, others well...

we go out already.
you can take this key.
edwin's one.
ah dee at ph room.
ah chuan at yong liang room.

everyone's sleeping in my sight!!!!

On the same day I got circuit lab lagi!! !@$#%$%&*

all the gadgets etc produce my waveform

tadaa!! success~ have to submit report by 1 week

In the end my ECP1016 Assignment was rejected and was asked to redo again...so this time we change venue to their house. Initially it was....

on the floor!!

then later we got upgraded

Many kudos and thanks to a very nice friend of mine, xylon del, haha..don't think he'll read this, but many many thanks for the time and contribution of saving our project

others sudah tidur liao...shortly after that i took a minor nap

codes! codes! codes! CODES!!!

very seldom you get to see early morning views, terpaksa jer....

The following day..we went Restoran Murni at ss2 Petaling Jaya, which was kinda popular among the city as one of the best mamak store around. You can view what many people say here, here, or simply google them la.

at restoran murni, chicken chop (rm5)(rm7) + watermelon juice (rm5) = thumbs up

The following day we have bbq!!!

setting up the fire

looks like it's almost done

the lovely couple

*no photos after this cause was starving crazy*

partially emo picture

Then during Mooncake Festival, we walked for about 2km just to have our dinner at Old Town!!! Of course wit lanterns along la.

my choice : dry curry mee which doesn't seem like curry mee at 1st until you stirred them

zues's choice : sticky rice, which is the size of my fist!! haha


fellow dj club members walked together

and fellow housemates!!

lanterns, books, caps, umbrellas...


That's pretty much all lah...phew...after this there won't be much frequent update (so sabar pls~~~~~ @@)

So now....FINALS!!! JIA YOU!


Ivan Lee said...

the first pic!!

my school my school!!

Zues said...

NOt bad har this post, i like it.. Keep on the good job!!!

-EdwiN- said...

haha, i knew tis would get ur attention =P

cuz got ur blog post and photos inside? hehe..took me berjam-jam upload all these

jerry said...

nice post!!!!
ecp assignment finish jor, even da presentation....
u guys dun quarrel ya~~~
i noe u all wont....
gud luck 4 final....

-EdwiN- said...

hehe, gd luck in ur finals too, jiayou!!

-ALiCiA- said...

gud luck 4 ur final...^^