Monday, September 8, 2008

Cancer Cures Smoking

Things you don't normally see in a public toilet.

So..if you wanna stop smoking, get a cancer.


Steven said...


I don't really get the message. Kinda slow here.. Can elaborate, please? =D


-EdwiN- said...

hehe sure~
actually it kinda promotes ppl sayin in order to stop smoking, u smoke til u get a cancer, den stop smoking, which a bad thing oso lar..

haha it's suppose to b a lame joke, i c it's already working xD

Steven said...

ahhh. now i see. hahaha. thx dude. good day =D

Zues said...

smoke is bad for health//

-ALiCiA- said...

this one if not mistaken is in sunway izzit???