Monday, December 1, 2008

smiling moon

Tonight the moon smiled at the world as we see it. =)



They said that the two stars acting as eyes are actually planet Venus and Jupiter itself. I didn't really read the whole detail so I'm not too sure about it, but TO LIVE ONLY ONCE AND GET TO SEE THE PHENOMENON! It's a gift wei!! Like the goddess smiling at you from the sky above. If I were there...I would've quickly kneel down and make a deep deep wish haha.

Even my friend from his house get to see it, and I can't in my area! Ish~ What more few days ago our pipe water is just plain dirty....and just now no water in my apartment since morning, making me feel sweaty and smelly the whole day, waaaahhhhhh! Disliking this place more and more, grr....

it's not clear, but you can see there's a smile on the top of his house

he even draw a circle lagi wei, looked more like smiley lol.

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