Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Where's the trust and caring in this world, when you know the people around you, even the closest people, common people, daily people, everyday people, are all selfish, selfless, self-centered.

Peace. Tranquility. Zen. My only best friends.


Ashleyteng said...

hey edwin, i still think ur previous hairstyle is more cool ;) the one in ur profile picture in nuffnang. the old one. that one handsome! never think of cutting it short after this?

-EdwiN- said...

owh...ya gonna cut it reli reli reli soon, many bad feedbacks.. =(

but thx for the comment anyway~

spookygrace said...

ur tranquility looks very creepy..


Josh said...

apa la...i tot emo was my u c..lolz..tis much negativity

-EdwiN- said...

oh sry..guess tat time i wasn't in a gd mood, but i do hav better tranquility photo!!

haha humans r filled it emotions, u dun wanna c me smile all the time rite?