Wednesday, November 26, 2008

it's coming back!

argh~ I'm gonna kiss my pc back this weekend! 3 weeks!! 3 weeks of horror is finally bout to end! But sadly after that my midterm's gonna start soon, so there isn't much time for me to play, but at least I get to online back as usual. are some minor happenings during these past 2 weeks.

i did the impossible!! visited my kai mui after a very long 4 years of never seeing each other!!

i like this photo very much, but guys and gals jangan salah faham ya..

went to my cousin's apartment somewhere between PJ and Damansara, soooo damn nice wei compare to the facilities back at cyber, felt like staying there forever...haha, anyone wanna come along?

Edwin's believe it or not : i went gym lolx, making good use of my time rather than being couch potato all the time

then of course last sunday was my cousin, Pang Ming's big big day!! i didn't really have a decent photo with him or the bride and groom though..all the uncles there were already partially "drunk" blocking the entrance like the ol-time wedding. i wonder myself if these would happen to me in 10 years time lol.

the cousins from the Wee side(of course there's more la and my 4th/2nd aunt.

all the wives from my mother's side!! notice one person really had too much to drink(love his house! his view from his bedroom is the twin tower, imagine living in paris and your room facing towards the Eiffel tower.)

this is just a random shot taken, which SEEMINGLY looked like it's suppose to be but it's not bluek

By the way..turns out this date happens to be one of our youngest member in the house, Dr.Jiro's birthday! Happy birthday again dude! Finally turning man, haha.

photographer : ivan


Johnny Ong said...

wah those uncles sporting .... they became 'ji mui' ??? lol!!

Ivan Lee said...

finally someone give me some credit, lol..

-EdwiN- said...

long long ago bcome "ji mui" lor..haha

eh relax la..i will giv sum credit whenever needed ok =)