Thursday, November 20, 2008


I guess it's time to do some touchup with some of my previous sidebars. Well during last semester break I really had a blast of my time. I counted, and it's not pretty...Each sem(semester) break is given 3 weeks (21 days) after one hectic sem. I on the other hand have been going out (such as lepak, go yamcha, limteh sikit², midnight supper, go genting) continously for 22 days. No break. This explains why I'm still a little bit soft on my knees.

Nonetheless, I made myself a "to-do list" during my sem break in order to keep myself going. Due to my harddisk crash and currently under warning (for 3 weeks, but even the previous repair has been delaying for 5 weeks and still not done wtf, screw them) I don't really have any photos around, but I promise I'll get it done somehow.

Slash on the list means things I've done

sing k

In conjunction we're celebrating KY and ST's birthday as well! After that we went to the same same same place for dinner last year. Too bad other photos at friend's pc, the only pic I got from the net is this.

update myself in musics and tv drama series

Supposingly I was, but then my HDD pasal so...yeah no update =_=||

movies movies movies!

I watched 4 movies! HSM3, Bangkok Dangerous, My Best Friend's Girl, 007.

rating: 7/10 sorry la to all HSM fans. I can't say it's a perfect movie or what, but I do love their choreography, good job =) prefered watching with couples along thou..

rating: 7/10 not bad not bad...i missed half an hour earlier of the movie, comment.

rating: 7.5/10 if you like violence, then this is NOT the movie you wanna watch. mostly comedy, but your english has to be fluent enough to keep up. have absolutely no idea why is it 18pl above =.=

rating: 6/10 really disappointed with the movie. not as highly expected as the previous one (for me la) this time the main character likes to "bergesa-gesa" without thinking and starts shooting around. he looks old to me


Sudden thought of going go-kart, ever since sat on the one at genting. damn slow and cheap, everybody's going at constant speed, no challenge. =/

pool anyone?
- went bout 4 times..any1 else want more? haha

trim hair

woohoo..!! finally tried something I've been eager to try; straighten my hair. For sure some people think I went more gay with this look, others think its ok =)

go jogging often

get some fat off my tummy (must!)

I totally failed these 2 task miserably..Even with the new shoe I bought not long ago, I HAVE NOT WENT FOR ANY TRAINING ACTIVITIES. screw me..thinking whether I do have the time to train or not.

dimsum is a must

ugh..!! seeeeeeeeeeeeeedap betul~

ikan bakar!

1st time was belanja-ed by my neighbour, kudos to him ;-) then afterward I went craving for more, so went there the second time =D

satay celup

Our dai lou came to melaka for a visit (asyik complain nothing to do, hehe) and had satay celup, watched movie, play pool, a very nice morning dimsum breakfast.

this is satay irrelated

ni lah satay celup =D

explore around melaka
- abit of bkt katil, abit of jasin, abit of umbai, alot of alai, nearly reached to MUAR!!

explore somemore, especially nite life

Didn't really have too much time to explore more since I practically go out everyday, so yeah...

cari kawan lama

I only find some of my old friends from my previous previous school. Sadly none from St.David itself. I wonder how is everyone doing right now..Where would my friends be after their STPM and other classmates who went different colleges, study abroad etc...

change my previous timetable habit

Haha. It used to be effective once. but after some time it kinda sway away..end up old bad habit again..Maybe I should follow this fella's timetable. When to sleep when to wake up when to play msn lol.

ikan bakar again!!

Read as above =)

i look damn stuffed sia

sing k again lol
- sing my life out, kinda

new* study the shit out of field theory

Ah yes, shit only, no study..Currently still waiting for the result to release, hopefully I'll be able to go through this obstacle...otherwise it's another Rm1k down the drain..sad

So far, I can summarize that.


7 - boleh la...

0 - prepare for supp!

2 - prepare for supp, then later prepare for another year!

8 - close one eye also can ah!

8 - go change course better guys SERIOUS ah?? Go change course better?? Still I'm surprised I still have positive feedback from you guys =) cross my luck, probably few more hours before results are out ><

Oh, and another happy belated birthday to all the late october and early november babies out there again! haha

Pei Nee (second from right) when celebrating at Rohini's house on Deepavali

Siang and Alicia when celebrating at Siang's house, potluck style

Now I probably need to update the gadgets around my blog, since it's sooooooooooooooooooooo last sem break.


Johnny Ong said...

at yr age got tummy?????? hehe

-EdwiN- said...

ei..dun make me feel sad la pls =( lookin d amount of food photos i got its nt a wonder y i got it at early age haha

-ALiCiA- said...

=.=...dun put tat last picture ma...very nerd le...loooks noob...@@

Josh said...

lolz...rajin many pics...