Friday, November 14, 2008

kepada para-para residen d30b sekalian

By the time you're reading this post (if you happen to open this blog) most probably I left the house by now and off to my journey!

Nonetheless, wish you all a happy weekend, and try not to mess the house around ok??

Oh! If you guys wanna order durian when i'm there please lemme know BEFORE Sunday so that I can arrange time a little, since an an Zues asked for satu biji so might as well ask the rest of you whether you guys want or not.

No reply = no balls (biji)

By the way..sun bian if you don't mind please take care of the terrapins in my room. They macam terabai like tat I also cannot tahan lol.

Imagine my whole trunk full of that smell...Can almost faint sia, so give some credit la if I tolong you all. =P

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