Tuesday, July 15, 2008

recent thoughts..

Recently, a friend of mine Lord of Olympus (I shall not say who!!) had some trouble with his er...social activities. To explain in a simpler way, he's taken yet there are still people trying to...grab the spot. I've seen some recent happenings, which made me recalled some of my old memories back when I was in secondary school.

Back then (form 5), I was attached to a gal I knew through society and friends. It was my first thou..I remember I was quite the crazy-enuf-to-self-willingly-strip-myself-out-in-the-open kind but now no more lah (control liao). And the things I saw made me thought that all these while...I wasn't quite the LOYALTY person that I thought I was...

Why? Well...Even though I was attached, I still hangout often with other gals (more often actually..), the only time that we actually spend some quality time together was through sms-ing, less time with phone, or even hanging out with her at the mall or something..

But that wasn't all, there are some bus trips with a couple of my friends, and a very close gal friend sat with me and fall asleep on my shoulder..Back then I just thought she was sleepy, so she needed a good rest and just lay down, but in the eyes of others, it's a whole new level..What I saw that time was that gal, was doing exactly the same thing to my friend, which was 80% just like what happened to me! (20% is well erm...he more lengcai than me, so I lost T_T)

Then later on I tried thinking back other deceiving stuffs I had done...There was a farewell dinner party for my society and i eat and dance and play like mad (photo not available, not with me), I asked mine to come for the dinner but she wasn't available so it's ok. Now, having social dance (slow kind) among your friends is ok, as long as you don't get too close to each other. Well....let's just say I know this another gal whose I'm quite close with, I've been helping her lots bout her problems ever since erm...early days, that day we're like..head to head close, and she was pouring out all her problems and cried. Seriously I'll gone soft whenever I see any girl cries, but anyway I consulted (while dancing) her but halfway people started looking at us so we had to "break" sort...

That's not all the deceiving stuffs I had done before....but anyway...I just wanna express my own opinion thoughts bout it...but gtg..later continue

So yea..that's not all the stuffs I had done but I'm not gonna elab any further..Think after this probably I'm gonna change my typing style, too formal..need rojak abit.

Well..after thinking back I wasn't quite the guy everybody ask for afterall..But that was all during secondary times, now is a whole new level, but anyway I'll try my best to be the best person there is, that is becoming my real self!! There's no stopping for improvements, just tries and errors =X

actually..I forgot all the things I wanna say so I'll just make it cut short..but watch out! Edwin is ought to get wilder =P

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