Sunday, July 6, 2008


Going back and forth from Melaka to Cyberjaya is really tiring.

Either you

A. Drive all the way from Ayer Keroh toll all the way to Kajang exit for about 2 hour ++ , then straight away to bed after that

teddy wanna sleep...

B. Take the bus from Melaka Sentral all the way to Puduraya, then another bus to Cyberjaya for about 4-5 hours, then sleep.

no more seat for you buddy, ON THE FLOOR

C. Take bus to Seremban Sentral then take the Keretaapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) nearby all the way to Serdang. (keretaapi tanah melayu wtf? ktm sounds better)

I choose C.

It's sorta cheaper than the rest of the other choices (cheaper if you're driving alone, but cheaper by bus oso around rm1.50 nia)

it's always full, even fuller after next stop @@

The 2nd time I took ktm really carried alot of stuffs made me uneasy to move, so I had to force my way out of crowds, which was really impolite (people beside me have to buka laluan cause on my left hand carrying a printer box and the other 1 travelling bag =_=)

my bag, this is a must!!

friend(housemate)'s printer, sibeh leceh~

But wa ka lu kong (i tell u) it's just as tiring as any of them,

to my left a sleeping woman =P

and my right a sleeping friend =P =P (yes i fell asleep also so shuddup)

after bus to Terminal 1 (Seremban sentral) then need sit ktm go Serdang then from Serdang take another bus (rapid U42 if not mistaken) to Putrajaya Sentral then from there need to take 1 more bus (T429) to Cyberjaya.

Overall it cost about erm...around

5 + 5 + 2 + 1+++ = 13+++

but takes about 5 hours, 5 HOURS WEI!!!!

lots of stops and delays bla bla....

But overall it's an ok experience, I even met one of my old schoolmate along the way.


Anyway..this post is getting old, so I'll just skip the explaination and post some random photos.

ktm moving fast o.O


pull in case of emergency "i want go toilet!" *pulls* tiok kena saman 1k after that

saya dewasa =)

got bored, so i....

bus to putrajaya sentral was really shaky

before going to cyber

halfway going

back home, watch EURO Finals xD

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-ALiCiA- said...

is terminal 1 la not seremban sentral...@@...u very free hor...XD