Saturday, June 28, 2008

feeling outdate in melaka

It's been awhile since I participated myself again in this blogosphere..I know some of my friends once viewed the front page terus alt F4.

Anyway..This is the 2nd time I came back to visit home. Next week probably gonna come back again cause my friend's birthday coming soon. To my horror something tragic happened last week. I came back cause there're still many things unsettled and many things to pack up (including driving waja up cyber lol).

Just when I thought each time i stepped onto the front door of my house I would at least feel safe and comfortable knowing that there's no place like home, right?

lying on the sofa, thinking back moments before falling asleep (yes that's my leg)

I was wrong.

My mom told me our house got robbed....



They weren't here for belongings, otherwise I can't even online now.

home pc, still here =D

They were here for cash. We lost at least RM1500, majority came from my mom's marketing money (includes bills, tuition fees, petrol fees, household fees, fees, and more fees) and previously wrapped angpaos' all taken away. Ironic thing is they break a small hole through the window pagar which only a small boy can go through, you can clearly tell how the story's like.

I felt so...........speechless, can't help a thing about it, angry at the same time, for the first time my taman got robbery..Right now I'm kinda losing the mood to continue.

Anyway...that's the past. I came back this evening and found out alot and I mean ALOT has changed for the past 1 week.

Dad bought some things, called the foreman for the alarm system, added more er....steel bars by the window (like a cage, it's never safe anymore), and some furnitures moving around. The whole place is a total mess!!

my previous study table has become dining table + cupboard table + rojaks = capulung table @_@

dad bought a LARGE water filter for house usage, which was originally used by factories o.0

see? filter

the window that the thief broke into, just take out dua keping, either a small boy, or an EXTREMELY small guy can go through

Now installed with modern vibration alarm sensors! And of course, sticky duck tapes to paste back ~_~

steel bars from store room moved to kitchen for logical reasons, haven add electrical fence yet ok!!

new cage bars, same reason above

alarm system installed!! damn noisy wei each time people passes by will make an annoying beep sound

gadgets and equipments, causing lots of holes and dust inside, including my bedroom ~.~

dirts.....messy messy

wtf? wood chunks????

With the new alarm system it's kinda hard going out late often as usual. let's say I come back around 3-4am then all of sudden the alarm system ring making a big fuss around =_=|||

Wonder if there's anything new gonna happen next week? Who knows, new swimming pool xD long as it's safe, heck I rather stay on guard every late night if I must!! Too bad I'm going cyber =X

Speaking of am I doing? Well..there isn't any photos around to describe how things going, but I'll post a few once I got internet in there.

small preview lol

my "nearly" everyday meal at cyber.. T_T (it does makes you kinda hungry now eh?)

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-ALiCiA- said...

edwin,better dun eat maggie everyday o...later will botak de ler...altought i know botak is one part of rich ppl look...but u now too young love ur hair ya...XD