Friday, May 2, 2008

FlipFlop Flippy!!

I love how the way Hong Leong Bank attracts people!!

Previously was the another one "Kiap-kiap Fly" ads which was quite interesting until I play like mad.

Sweat!! You have "kiap-kiap"... x36 !! not bad eh?

I didn't notice the FlipFlop Flippy ad running until I saw it above.

For me NOT TO PRESS ON IT is just irresistable!!! The game is quite simple...just let the hook nearby those fishes and pull up your mouse for points. The instructions are all there.

but beware not to get shock, otherwise your hand sure shock @@

Ok la...the game is quite addictive especially when you got nothing better to do at these times.

not bad la hor for 1st time

So what you waiting for?? If you're a member you might even get a chance to win yourself a Sony PSP ;)

* I'm running an advertisment for them, still it's addictive!!!*

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